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How Do Credit Cards Work, Southwest to Hawaii, VIP

Every day I personally look through blog posts from the best travel blogs on the internet.  When I find posts that I feel would be valuable to you, I put them together in a Travel Blog News article.  Today I found a few travel articles that meet the standards.  Here are the best of the best from over the weekend.


credit sesame credit scoreHow Do Credit Cards Work? We’ve Got The Answers – Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet examines the ins and outs of how credit cards really work.  There are a ton of terms you should be familiar with when it comes to your credit cards.  He goes over things that have to do with your credit card spending such as statement closing dates, payment due dates, statement balance, and minimum payment due.  He covers different types of fees and interest, which we always want to stay away from.  Plus, of course he covers earning and redeeming travel rewards, and other benefits that come from travel credit cards.

Do you know your credit score?  If you want to check your credit score, go to Credit Sesame to make a 100% free account and learn what your approximate score is.


Southwest to Hawaii News – Mile Value

Hawaii is due for some good news, after suffering from earthquakes, heavy rains, volcanic lava, and a hurricane to top it off.  Finding out that Southwest will be booking and flying it’s new Hawaii routes starting in September or October is excellent news.  My wife and I have earned a Southwest Companion Pass for the rest of 2018 through the end of 2019.  We plan to use it for some buy-one-get-one-free Hawaii flights!  Now I’m interested to see what the pricing will look like, and when they will add new departure cities from the mainland.  I’m really hoping for Portland or Seattle to be added soon after launch.


Chase Sapphire Preferred card holders are VIP at Popular Events – Million Mile Secrets

bucket list world cup gameWhether you knew about it or not (most don’t), the Chase Sapphire Preferred comes with a somewhat secret benefit.  It’s cardholders have VIP Access privileges at many concerts, sports, and dining events.  I have never looked into these in the past, but I’m going to start as some of the events sound pretty amazing.  VIP Access at an Ed Sheeran concert in a luxury box for $300 sounds pretty cool… Having a special dinner at a Michelin Star restaurant… Yumm.  Did you know about this benefit of having the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card?

ALSO: Chase Ink Business Preferred credit card holders also have access to some of the events.


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