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Pay Rent by Credit Card, Save on Car Rentals

What’s up Travel Tribe?!?  It’s that time of the day again.  Travel Blog News presents the best articles I’ve seen today.  Hopefully one of them will catch your eye, or maybe all of them will.  Reading articles like this, is how I became a points and miles travel expert and how I’m able to travel pretty much wherever I want without being super duper loaded.  There are a lot of great travel blogs out there, but it’s hard to keep up with them all.  I’m here to help… Without further ado, let’s get into the articles.

travel hackingFirst up, we have a short article from Frequent Flyer Bonuses, that tells you about a Southwest Airlines promotion that you need to sign up for if you’re planning on flying with them before summer.  Two words – DOUBLE MILES!

SW Rapid Rewards Double Points – Frequent Flyer Bonuses

Here’s one that’s been on just about every travel blog this week.  It’s about a 60 Minutes episode that talks about an airline that’s not safe to travel on.  Supposedly, many of their pilots don’t let their families fly the airline they work for.  Hmmmm… who could it be?  Maybe you’ve flown them. It’s US budget airline, Allegiant.  Stay safe Travel Tribe.

Damning Allegiant Air Safety Expose – Live & Let Fly

travel hackingThis travel news article shows you how it’s now possible to pay your rent with a credit card for a 1.5% fee.  That may sound crazy to pay extra, but it could be useful if you’re trying to meet a minimum spend on a new credit card.

Pay Rent by Credit Card for 1.5% Fee – Frequent Miler

Car rentals are always a difficult one for me.  You don’t get a lot of value using your points on them, but it’s also sometimes hard to find a decent deal.  I usually check Hotwire and Costco Travel, but will definitely be trying out the tricks I just learned in this article.

travel hackingHow to Save on Car Rentals – Million Mile Secrets

Welp, big gulps huh… That’ll do it for today’s Travel Blog News.  If you missed the last one you can find it here.  Until next time, keep it real Travel Tribe!

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