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African Safari Photos, Top College Towns & Being Single

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Every day I personally look through hundreds of blog posts from the best travel blogs on the internet. When I find posts that I feel would be valuable to you, I put them together in a Travel Blog News article. Today I found a few travel articles that meet the standards. Here are the best of the best from today.


17 Incredible Safari Photos – Million Mile Secrets

Going on an African Safari is one of my top bucket list ideas.  They were lucky enough to see a huge assortment of animals on the game reserve in South Africa.  When I go on a safari, I’d like it to be in Kenya or Tanzania during the Great Migration.  I’d really like to go on a camping safari for a week, even though it’s probably not quite as safe as some other African Safari’s.  It would be amazing to be able to see so many exotic animals in their natural habitat.

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16 Amazing College Towns – Million Mile Secrets

Have you ever visited any of these college towns?  Maybe you happen to live in one, like I do!  I’ve been to three of the cities on the list and live in one of them.  I’ve been to Boulder, Charlottesville, and Berkeley.  I have lived in Eugene, Oregon for all but one year of my life and will expand on Million Mile Secrets’ explanation.  It’s the home of the University of Oregon Ducks, many outdoor activities, breweries, vineyards, running enthusiasts (Track Town USA), and great bike paths.  Also, the Oregon Ducks aren’t the only green thing you can legally experience while in the state (if you can read between the lines and you’re into that).  Eugene is nestled between the mountains, the Pacific Ocean, rivers, lakes, and the city (Portland).  All of which are within a two hour drive, making this a great place to visit or live!


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Being Single Makes Travel More Expensive – The Points Guy

While this is up for debate in the comments of the post, I’d have to agree that traveling with a partner is much more frugal.  While flights remain the same per person, hotels and such end up costing the same price no matter how many people are staying with you.  For a $100 hotel room, it will cost the full amount for a single traveler, while it will cut the price in half if you’re traveling as a pair.  Sometimes my wife and I will save on food as well by sharing plates at a restaurant.  Especially when we go somewhere with huge portions and we lack the equipment to save or reheat them.

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