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Free Miles for Washington Residents, Living in an Airport

Every day I personally look through hundreds of blog posts from the best travel blogs on the internet. When I find posts that I feel would be valuable to you, I put them together in a Travel Blog News article. Today I found a few travel articles that meet the standards. Here are the best of the best from today.


Seahawks Delta 12status promo Delta’s Seahawks Fan Program – The Points Guy

Personally, I dislike the Seahawks… GO RAIDERS!!!  But, in this case Delta is giving away miles to Washington Residents as part of their 12status promotion.  You will earn miles without even flying.  They’re giving you a mile for every yard the Seahawks throw for, which should be a few thousand.  You will also receive priority boarding.  Seems like a good deal for those of you who consider yourselves Seahawks fans… EW!


Man Lives in Airport – View From The Wing

Could you live in an airport for a day? A week? A month?  How about 18 years?!?  That’s how long a man once lived in Paris Charles De Gaulle airport (as seen in Tom Hanks’ movie The Terminal).  I never realized that movie was a true story… Now I want to go watch it because I never have.  How long do you think you could live in an airport?  It might be an interesting journalistic story for a travel blogger to try out.  Priority Pass would be a necessity, as well as a boarding pass that you could delay over and over somehow…

air boat swamp tourNew Orleans Swamp Tour Review – Points, Miles & Martinis

I’ve always wanted to ride on an air boat through swamps (preferably the Everglades).  It seems like a lot of fun flying around and seeing the wildlife.  It’s on my bucket list, but I’ve yet to complete it.  Maybe next year I’ll head to Florida to check it off the list.  Like they recommend, I’d like to do it on a small boat.


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