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Top 5 Business Travel Credit Cards – How I Earned a 34% Return

As a small business owner, you’re always looking to both save and earn more money wherever possible.  1% growth on your bottom line is more money in your pocket and therefore good for your business. If, for instance, you could sell your product for 1% more or manufacture it for 1% less, you’d probably be very happy.  One way that your small business can and should be earning more, is by getting a return on every expense your business has.  The way to do that is through business travel credit cards and their introductory bonuses.


Missing Out on Free Travel Rewards

If you’re using cash, a debit card, or even the wrong credit card, you are missing out on either cash back or free travel.  While cash-back can be great, most credit cards will only earn you 1% back on all purchases. If you were to get the right combination of travel credit cards, you could instead be earning 5% value or more back in travel points.  Even better, if you’re willing to apply for business travel credit cards for the introductory bonuses, you can often earn at least a 10-20% travel value return on your spending.

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34% Value Back Using a Travel Credit Card

How is that possible?  I’ll give you an example with a business travel credit card offer that currently exists.  If you sign up for the Chase Ink Business Preferred credit card and used it for your next $5000 of spend, you’d earn at least 85,000 points (introductory bonus plus 1x points on spend).  How much is 85,000 points worth? On average, Chase Ultimate Rewards are worth about 2.0 cents (according to The Points Guy Sept. 2018) each when used for travel. That means that your spending of $5000 just earned you a potential travel value of $1,700.  A whopping 34% value back on your spending!!! HOLY S#!7, right?!? That’s a lot more value than your average 1% cash back of $50…


Travel More, While Spending Less

If you already travel a lot, you’re now going to be saving a lot of money using those points instead of your hard earned money.  If you don’t travel much yet, now you have enough travel points to do it without spending much money at all. With all the hard work you’re doing on your business you could use a vacation!

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Best Business Travel Credit Card Offers Available

While the Chase Ink Preferred offer is currently the best in the market, there are plenty of great introductory bonuses that can earn around $1000 of travel value.  I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 business travel credit cards you should look into, according to their introductory bonuses and features.


Ink Business Preferred(SM) Credit Card

80,000 point introductory offer

Chase Ink Business Preferred Credit Card

What Makes This Credit Card Great:

Ink Business Unlimited

50,000 point introductory offer

Chase Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card

What Makes This Credit Card Great:

Ink Business Cash(R) Credit Card

50,000 point introductory offer

Chase Ink Business Cash Credit Card

What Makes This Credit Card Great:


60,000 mile introductory offer

Chase Southwest RR Premier Business Credit Card

What Makes This Credit Card Great:

CITIBUSINESS AADVANTAGE PLATINUM (70,000 mile introductory bonus)

70,000 mile introductory offer *LIMITED TIME OFFER

CitiBusiness Aadvantage Platinum Select Credit Card

What Makes This Credit Card Great:

Extra Points Through Spending Category Bonuses

Now what I haven’t covered yet, makes some of these business credit cards even better.  Most of them have earning bonuses on certain spending categories that might just make a lot of sense for your business.  A couple that I use are 3X rewards for advertising on social media platforms from the Chase Ink Business Preferred credit card and 5X rewards on phone bills, cable bills, and at office supply stores from the Chase Ink Cash.  Oh, and office supply stores happen to have a gift card rack… Wink, wink. This means that there is the potential of earning 5x points on any expenses your business has.

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The conclusion of this story is that if you’re interested in traveling and you’re currently making the mistake of using cash, debit card, or cash back cards for your business expenses, YOU’RE PROBABLY DOING IT WRONG!!!  Find the right business travel credit card for your small business, and start earning something more valuable than 1% cash back. There’s a larger list of business travel credit cards on our Travel Credit Cards page.  Take a look and compare what’s best for your business.  Imagine the vacations you and your family could be taking…