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Southwest Hawaii Flights – UPDATE!

In my prediction last week, I was slightly wrong about what cities the new Southwest Hawaii flights would depart from.  Originally I had guessed flights would be from a few different west coast states including Washington and Oregon, but they will actually all be in California.  The four departure airports that will have Southwest Hawaii flights are Sacramento (SMF), San Jose (SJC), Oakland (OAK), and San Diego (SAN).  I was close with some of my guesses, but I’m a little bit disappointed there are no airports in the north west.


Another surprise is that Southwest plans on flying inter-island routes.  This is excellent news that I didn’t expect, because currently there are only a few options to go between the islands.  Maybe this will create some cheaper fares to get from island to island.  I love Hawaii and travel there often, so it’s nice to be able to split up a vacation between multiple islands, like my wife and I are doing this summer.



hawaii budget flightsThe only things left for Southwest to announce about their Hawaii launch, are how often they will fly these routes and when they will begin flying them.  I’m definitely excited for Southwest Hawaii flights to begin, both because I love Hawaii and I have a companion pass coming my way this month.  That means my wife and I can both fly to Hawaii for the price of one ticket.  Also, that price can points instead of money, so it has the potential of being an extremely cheap/free way to get to Hawaii!