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Legacy Credit Card Review (BONUS: 3 Better Alternative Credit Cards)

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The Legacy Visa credit card is a card offered through First National Bank. It’s aimed at those with low or poor credit. However, before applying for a card, it’s always important to review the fine print.


Here’s a closer look at the main features, advantages, and disadvantages of using the Legacy Visa credit card from First National Bank. The Legacy Visa credit card review video below isn’t the greatest, but it’s the best we could find…


Features of the Legacy Credit Card

First National Bank created the Legacy Visa credit card to appeal to those wanting discounts. Unfortunately, the average consumer misses out on any real benefits. The main features of the card include:

  • $75 annual fee
  • 29.9% APR
  • $350 to $1500 credit limit
  • $30 or 4% minimum payments
  • $25 late payments


The $350 to $1500 credit limit is subject to your credit score. If you’ve got a score above 700, you should get approved for the full $1500 limit. With poor credit, the $350 to $500 range is more likely.


Your minimum payments are $30 per month or 4% of your current balance. Whichever total is greater is how much you’ll need to pay. For example, if you have a $1000 balance, you would need to pay $40 per month.


The minimum payments are low but the APR is high. If you cannot take care of your balance each month, you’ll get charged a significant amount of interest each month.


Legacy Credit Card Benefits

The Legacy Visa credit card doesn’t offer any benefits unless you choose to sign up for one of the optional programs. There are two of these programs available.


The first program is the PREMIUM membership program. With this program, you get discounts on a variety of purchases. You can save money while purchasing prescription medications. You also save on various entertainment purchases, dining, and hotels.


The second program is payment protection. You can pay a monthly fee based on your current balance. If you suddenly cannot make your payments, the protection plan prevents you from getting charged late fees and covers your minimum payments.


These are the only benefits offered with this credit card. You do not earn rewards or points and there is no sign-up bonus.

Legacy visa credit card


Pros of the Legacy Credit Card

While there are limitations to this credit card, it does offer a few advantages:

  • Convenient online access to your account
  • Discounts on prescriptions and entertainment
  • Payment protection in case of an emergency


One benefit of this card is the online account management. You can easily log in and check the details of your account, make payments, and even initiate automatic payments.


The Legacy Visa credit card includes a couple of optional programs. With the PREMIUM Club Membership, you can get discounts on various purchases. These discounts apply to entertainment, dining, hotels, rental cars, and prescriptions.


You can also choose to add a Payment Protection Plan. If you face an emergency that keeps you from making your payments, the protection plan covers your minimum payments and allows you to avoid late fees.


Unfortunately, these last two benefits require additional fees. You need to spend an extra $4.95 per month for the PREMIUM membership. The protection plan costs just under $1 for every $100 balance.


Cons of the Legacy Credit Card

There are a handful of disadvantages to choosing the Legacy Visa credit card. One issue is the high 29.9% APR. This is several points higher compared to many other credit cards.


You also need to pay a $75 annual fee, which is billed monthly. You pay $6.25 per month to keep this card open, along with your payments on your balance. If you add the PREMIUM membership, you’re paying over $11 per month to use this card.


Keep in mind that there are also processing fees for setting up your card. We’ve heard some reports of customers getting charged $200 or more for these setup fees.


If you only get approved for a $350 credit limit, you may start with $150 of credit and a $200 balance without even using your card.


When you combine the annual fee, the high APR, and the late fees, you may dig yourself into a hole with this card.


Your Legacy Credit Card Login Info

You can access your Legacy Visa account through an online portal. This is the same portal used by First National Bank customers.


You can log in and view your balance and next payment. You can also make payments or set up your automatic payments.


Who Is the Legacy Credit Card for?

The Legacy Visa credit card is best suited for those who want to enjoy discounts through the PREMIUM club membership. However, due to the high APR, we only recommend this card for those who can pay off their balances each month.


You also need to spend over $11 per month to use the card and get the PREMIUM club membership. Unless you’re a big spender on the items covered by the discount, you may not get as much use out of this card.


Who Is the Legacy Credit Card Not for?

Unless you’re a big spender who plans on using the Legacy Visa PREMIUM Club membership, you may want to search for other credit card offers.


This card is not for people who don’t pay off their balances each month. If you’re looking for a card that you can use to cover moderate expenses and then pay off slowly over the coming months, this is not the right card.


Our Thoughts on the Legacy Credit Card

At first glance, we thought that the Legacy Visa credit card looked to be a great deal. However, once we started adding up the various fees, it became clear that there are much better options out there.


You only benefit from this card when you choose to add one of the optional programs such as the PREMIUM membership or the payment protection plan.


In the end, the Legacy Visa credit card does not offer enough benefits to entice the average consumer. The card has a high APR, hefty processing fees, and just doesn’t pack a punch when it comes to rewards.


The 3 Best Alternative Credit Cards to Consider

Maybe you can do better than this credit card. If you have good credit, you should consider a few other options that will give you better benefits. The credit cards below are a few of our favorites, especially if you’re interested in traveling more. A few of these cards have signup bonuses that are big enough to redeem for multiple round trip flights. My wife and I used our Chase Sapphire Preferred signup bonus to book round trip flights for the both of us to Hawaii! It was well worth researching and getting the best credit card.


 Cash Back AlternativeCash Back AlternativeTravel Rewards Alternative
Chase Freedom
Chase Freedom Unlimited
Sapphire Preferred
Signup Bonus$150 (15,000 pts)$150 (15,000 pts)50,000
Bonus Spending Categories5X on select rotating quarterly categories1.5X on all purchases2X on travel and dining
Annual Fee$0$0$95 (waived year 1)
Extra PerksIntroductory APR offerIntroductory APR offerBaggage insurance, trip insurance, rental car insurance
Best for People Who...Want no annual fee

Also have a Sapphire card

Want to earn bonus points on spend
Want no annual fee

Also have a Sapphire card

Want simple 1.5 bonus
points on every purchase you make
Want a large introductory bonus

Want the annual fee waived year 1

Like to Travel
Learn More >>Learn More >>Learn More >>


Decision Time: Which Credit Card is Really the Best for You?

Here at Travel Freedom, we like to travel, which is why we always prefer travel credit cards for ourselves. You might be the same as us or maybe you’d rather use your points as cashback. Either way, all of these cards earn Ultimate Rewards that can be used for either travel or as cash back.


We think that any four of these cards are a better option than the above-reviewed credit card. They earn points that are both valuable and very versatile. You can redeem them for an assortment of things including our favorite, TRAVEL!


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