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Hydro Flask Review: Is it the Best Water Bottle for Travel?

Hydroflask on beach

“Five dollars for a bottled water?!?  Seriously?  This is robbery, but I’m dying of thirst during my layover.”  I’m sure you’ve felt this way before, while at the airport or traveling in general.  Instead of buying bottled water over and over again, at the airport, at the hotel, and while traveling, why don’t you make the investment in an insulated water bottle.  My favorites are made by Hydro Flask and are stainless steel, insulated, and come in a wide range of colors.  They have a variety of sizes to fit your needs and to fit in your carry on.  

Hydro Flask 24 oz (710 ml) Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle Price: $34.95 Our favorite water bottle for traveling. It will keep your drink cold, and they don't leak. Most airports even have bottle fill stations now. Hydro Flask 24 oz (710 ml) Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle Last Updated: 10/04/2018

Fill Up Your Hydro Flask at the Airport

Most airports now have fill stations, so all you have to do is make sure your bottle is empty while going through security and then fill it up when you get into the terminal.  What’s great about having a Hydro Flask while traveling, is that it will keep your drink either hot or cold for hours on end.  Also, you will be contributing to help lower pollution and  keep our oceans clean by cutting down on those garbage patches in our oceans.

hydro flask at beach

Take it to the Beach

If you’re adventurous while on vacation, you’re going to need some water. Hydro Flasks are perfect to fill up and take with you on your hike, to the beach, or around the city.  Even if it’s a scorcher outside, you’ll have an ice cold water at your fingertips all day long.  Maybe you want to take a drink with you to the beach that’s a little stronger than water… If so, Hydro Flasks are the perfect way to disguise your drink of choice.  Wink wink…

sea turtle hawaii


If you’re looking for a high quality water bottle, look no further than Hydro Flask.  Not only are they the perfect water bottle, they help save our planet.  Have you seen how much plastic is floating out there in our oceans?  It’s disgusting, and as long as people continue to buy single-use plastic bottles of water, the problem won’t be solved.  They’re perfect for traveling as well as at work.  They’re tougher than any other bottle I’ve owned.  Your drink will stay cold for up to 24 hours due to the double layer insulation.  Plus they look great!  Get one in your favorite color and make everyone else jealous.

GoPro Hero Review

snorkeling in hawaii


Do you like taking photos and videos while on vacation?  I’m guessing your answer is either “yes” or “no, but my significant other does”.  Of course you want pictures of your awesome vacation so that: A. You can show off to your friends on social media, and B. You can look back at all the great times you had, when you’re back at home.  

Yes, your phone is probably pretty good at taking the selfies and pictures you ask another tourist to take for you, but how about those underwater shots of you and the turtle while you’re snorkeling, or the video of you stand up paddling for the first time?  I’m not sure you want to take your cell phone with you on those adventures, even if it is waterproof…



The GoPro HERO cameras are perfect for taking action shots, videos, and underwater photos or videos.  There are an assortment of handy accessories such as “The Handler” which is both something to hold onto and a floatation device, so that you’ll never lose your camera.  GoPro’s also come with tools that allow you to attach the camera just about anywhere to capture your action from the best possible angle.

I personally have the Hero 4 Silver, which is now outdated but is still amazing.  The newest version is the Hero 6 Black.  The GoPro Hero 6 Black iis waterproof without the use of a case and features 4K video and 12 MP photos which turn out amazing.  They are truly game changing products that will enhance the way you document your vacations to make your photos and videos look like a professional did it.


All of the products from the Travel Product of the Week series can be found in the Travel Freedom Store.

Nike Vapor Drawstring Bag Review

I’m sure you have certain things that you always take on vacation.  I sure do, and the list keeps getting longer as I find new cool products.  This blog post is the first of a weekly series, that will bring forward products that I love and can’t live without when traveling.  From the time you start packing to the time you’re out on a snorkeling boat, some little things can improve your travel greatly and I’d like to share my favorites.



This weeks travel product is a simple one, but very valuable wherever you’re traveling to.  It’s a lightweight drawstring bag.  The bag I have is made by Nike and has a main compartment that securely closes with the drawstrings, as well as a smaller zipper pocket in the front.  If you don’t already have one, they are pretty inexpensive and bring a lot of value.  They’re perfect for when you’re out and about on vacation.  Whether you’re going to the beach and need something to put your valuables in that can keep out the sand, or you’re exploring around the city and need a light bag to carry your belongings without making your back sweat, this bag is perfect.


When Allison and I are traveling we always bring our drawstring bag along and always seem to find a use for it.  It’s easy to pack without taking up much space in your luggage at all, and can carry your belongings around with you wherever you go.  Try one out on your next vacation and let me know what you think.  The bag I currently have is available in the Travel Freedom Store.  If you’re like me, you’ll never go on vacation without one again.  



If you use a bag like this while traveling as well, or use a similar product, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!