Alaska Airlines Companion Fare for the Win

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Have you heard of the famous Alaska Airlines Companion Fare?  If you’ve ever flown on Alaska Airlines, I’m sure you’ve at least heard it mentioned.  Toward the end of most flights, they offer you an application for their branded credit card which comes with the Companion Fare.  It also usually comes with at least 30,000 miles to be used for flights. While it’s not always the most lucrative offer out there because it doesn’t give you completely free flights, it can be very handy.  

oregon ducks alaska airlines planeALASKA AIRLINES COMPANION FARE COMES IN HANDY

The Alaska Airlines Companion Fare is a one-time use certificate that grants you a second ticket for the same flight by paying only the taxes and fees while purchasing one full price ticket (after the first year $99 plus taxes and fees).  I’ve found the Alaska Airlines Companion Fare to be very beneficial to have when I have specific dates that I need to fly and there are no reward flights on those dates. For me, this happens somewhat often because my wife is a teacher and only has specific dates that she can travel.  This makes budget travel very difficult.  In particular, around the holidays and spring break for school are hard times to find available reward space.


The more your flight costs, the more savings you will receive from using the companion fare.  I’m currently looking for flights to Hawaii around the New Year and let me tell you, they are not cheap.  There are also no reward flights on the dates that we need to travel, so I am most likely going to use our yearly Alaska Airlines Companion Fare that I get from my Alaska Airlines credit card.  Because the flights around that time are so ridiculously expensive, I will likely save nearly $800 by using it.  Keep in mind that you are also allowed to use the Companion Fare on a first class flight whether paid for or upgraded.  If you’re looking to fly first class and have to pay for the flights, you could save even more money!


The details of the Alaska Airlines credit card are the following:alaska airlines credit card

  • $1000 spending limit in first 90 days to receive bonuses.
  • 30,000 Alaska Airlines Miles.
  • $0 + taxes & fees Companion Fare.
  • Free checked bag on Alaska Airlines and Virgin America flights for you and six others.
  • Yearly $99 + taxes and fees Companion Fare when credit card is renewed.
  • $75 yearly fee

Overall the Alaska Airlines credit card is quite beneficial.  It can help you out when you’re in a sticky situation and can’t find reward space.  The 30,000 miles is also a decent chunk of Alaska miles.  It can be enough miles for a round trip flight in coach or a one way first class flight within the continental US or Alaska.  I have the card and I find it valuable enough to pay the annual fee to keep the card.

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